grba in the newsApril 2014

Presenters: done right, social media presence helps attorney marketing

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., April 4, 2014 - Many attorneys face the challenge of making themselves stand out from the pack in a competitive marketplace. According to Victoria Vuletich and John Reed, who presented last Friday at a Continuing Legal Education seminar hosted by the Grand Rapids Bar Association (GRBA), social media can help.

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November 2013

Rights, Responsibilities, and Realities headline Bar's civics education

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., November 20, 2013 – Move over, Readin’, Writin’ and ‘Rithmetic: “3Rs” has now come to mean something more to the Grand Rapids community. The Rights, Responsibilities and Realities of the new Grand Rapids Bar Association (GRBA) 3Rs program are key concepts in civics education being taught to Ottawa Hills High School freshman students. Though the official kick-off for the program was Sept. 17, Nov. 13 marked the first day attorneys were in the classroom.

Eight attorneys — including current GRBA President Kristin Vanden Berg — and one law student, along with GRBA Executive Director Kim Coleman, came to the first section of teacher Sam Plakmeyer’s social studies classes.

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September 2013

GR Bar brings U.S. Constitution to Ottawa Hills

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., September 27, 2013 – Five freshman social studies classes at Ottawa Hills High School will get an upgrade to their curriculum this year with the inclusion of the 3R’s program: Rights, Responsibilities and Realities.

The program, originally developed by the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and East Cleveland City Schools, teaches students about the U.S. Constitution using an interactive and small group approach.

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Managing Partners Work Together to Encourage Diverse Lawyers to "grab LAW"

From the September ABA Newsletter – A collaborative of managing partners of major law firms in Grand Rapids is leading the way via a new marketing campaign -  “grab LAW” - which is designed to attract minority attorneys and women to the Grand Rapids legal community. The grab LAW program is primarily a web-based campaign focused on the ability to practice in Grand Rapids, and achieving career success while maintaining life balance.  The “grab” in grab LAW stands for Grand Rapids Achieve Balance.

Take a look at the new campaign’s website -  It describes the professional and personal journeys of attorneys working in Grand Rapids and reasons they are enthusiastic about their lives in this city – “A Hot City with Cool Lawyers!”  The grab LAW program is live on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, all linked to the grab LAW website. The social media components of grab LAW will feature events, updates, discussion threads and networking opportunities reaching beyond the website.  In addition to the testimonials currently available, video clips will highlight local attorneys and their views of life at work and after work, and the attributes of Grand Rapids and west Michigan that make "achieve" and "balance" the watchwords of the Grand Rapids legal community.

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