BenefitsWhy Join?

As an experienced practicing Grand Rapids Attorney, you are given the opportunity, by joining the Grand Rapids Bar Association, to build and further develop your professional relationships and legal practice, raise your professional profile, and contribute in a positive fashion to the legal community through service and leadership roles. The goal of the GRBA is to provide its members with services and benefits intended to enhance their practice and enrich their experience in the legal profession. 


What is the Grand Rapids Bar Association?

The Grand Rapids Bar Association, formed in 1902, has a long and rich history of serving the legal community of Grand Rapids. It is dedicated to improving the administration of justice, advancing the interests of the profession and serving the public in law-related ways. The GRBA and its members throughout Western Michigan have celebrated more than 100 years of dedicated service to the legal community. When you join the Grand Rapids Bar Association, you have access to a powerful network of attorneys and staff dedicated to helping the legal community meet the challenges of practicing law in Grand Rapids.

Benefits of Joining the Grand Rapids Bar Association


1. Increase Your Knowledge

The GRBA takes great pride in the quality of our educational offerings. The GRBA offers opportunities to help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure your practice stays at the forefront of the ever-changing legal community. We offer a wide range of programs that feature expert speakers and comprehensive written material on topics from technology and practice management to substantive legal issues – all designed to help meet your legal education needs.


2. Enhance Your Expertise

Join one or more of the GRBA's law sections. Our sections offer continuing legal education, networking and leadership opportunities, services projects, and law reform involvement. The GRBA provides a unique local venue for attorneys to present and share their expertise through written publication and speaking engagements within each substantive law section. Several sections hold annual conferences and/or trainings which provide additional occasions for professional development in specialized practice areas.


3. Broaden Your Professional Contacts

The GRBA is the most effective venue for Grand Rapids attorneys to expand their professional network and reconnect with current colleagues. Committee and seminar involvement as well as the GRBA's Social charity events present regular opportunities to join fellow layers, judges, and corporate counsel to develop business relationships.


4. Expand Your Practice

Innovations in practice development continually occur. The GRBA makes a particular effort to ensure that its members are well-informed on the latest opportunities to expand their client base. Pick up innovative client development tips during section meetings and continuing education. Investigate our Lawyer Referral and Information Service and develop clients through panel membership.

5. Stay Informed

By joining the GRBA, you will receive our bi-monthly magazine, The Grand Rapids Lawyer, which features articles and information on substantive areas of law. In addition, each week you will receive the GRBA eBrief, which contains a great deal of information from around the Grand Rapids legal community. It is the easiest way to stay informed about upcoming programs, events, announcements and other items of interest.

6. Save on Business Expenses

Free Library and Westlaw Access

The Thomas M. Cooley Law School library in Grand Rapids offers free library privileges to GRBA members. It also provides access to two terminals with Westlaw patron access for the exclusive use of GRBA members. The benefit is provided at no charge to GRBA members and is designed primarily to help those who are in small firms and solo practices.

Save on Conference Room Rental

As a member of the GRBA, you can rent conference rooms and the GRBA offices at a reasonable rate for depositions, small conferences, meetings, and other professional activities. If you have limited office space, this will give you access to a professional setting to meet your client and case needs.

Discounts on Books from the ABA

With an exclusive, members only promotional code, you'll receive discounts on all book purchases from the American Bar Association. Get it here!

7. Obtain Membership Address Labels

As a member of the GRBA, you can order mailing labels for all 1400 GRBA members for only $75.00. The GRBA makes these labels available solely to members who are running for political office, especially a judgeship, and to members who are establishing their law offices.

8. Make Public Service a Part of Your Professional Life

Public service and volunteerism underscores much of the GRBA work. Gain valuable experience and show the public that lawyers really do care by volunteering for one of the GRBA's programs. Opportunities include providing services for the underrepresented, advocating for the rights of children and families, providing civic education and mentoring in the public schools, and producing handbooks and videotapes for public information. There is a GRBA community service program for you!


9. Enjoy Social Events, Friendships, and Collegiality

Take advantage of the many social events planned by the sections and committees of the GRBA. Build lifelong friendships by working together to serve the public and legal profession, improving the administration of justice, and fostering a culture of professional civility.


10. Help Further Our Mission

The mission of the GRBA is to "promote justice, professional excellence, and respect for the law; foster the dignity and integrity of the profession; provide law-related services to the community; and serve the needs of our members." As you help us achieve our mission, you help yourself by creating a better standard of practice, improving the delivery of justice, and fostering a better perception of the profession.