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Make a Gift

Most gifts to the Justice Foundation are monetary donations. These include memorial or honorary contributions that recognize esteemed colleagues or loved ones. You may also choose to provide regular support by becoming a Justice Foundation Fellow, making convenient, automatic gifts through a debit or credit card. 

If you wish to make a gift to the Justice Foundation, please click here to donate online or send a check (payable to the Justice Foundation of West Michigan) to: 

Justice Foundation of West Michigan
161 Ottawa Ave NW, Ste. 203-B
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


If you would like to explore other ways of making a gift, see our information on becoming a Fellow or leaving a legacy.

Thank you for your help!

None of the work of the Justice Foundation would be possible without the many charitable donations from local attorneys, judges, and concerned citizens, living and working in the West Michigan community. Contributions are encouraged from anyone who values the American judicial system, that protects our liberties and rights.