lawyer referral & information serviceHistory

Lawyer referral services, started in Grand Rapids in 1949, have spread throughout the United States, due in part to our huge success here in West Michigan. The Lawyer Referral Information Service (LRIS) would like to continue this rich tradition of service and success by asking you to become a part of its future.

Become a Panel Member 

 As a panel attorney, you agree to consider the cases presented by LRIS referral clients and, subject to your discretion, meet with those clients for half-an-hour free-of-charge. Most cases can be resolved in this half-hour. If the case cannot be resolved in this time period, the client will then decide whether to hire you at your full fee until the resolution of the case.


To become a panel attorney, you must be a licensed attorney in good standing with the bar and must carry professional liability insurance. You may participate in a regular panel, an experienced panel, or an of counsel panel.

Regular panel members pay a $50 membership fee to be listed in five practice areas. For an additional $10 each, they may choose additional practice areas. Experienced panel members have specific experience in the areas of contested custody, felony criminal, medical malpractice, or bankruptcy. They pay a $30 membership fee to be listed in any of these areas. Of counsel panel members are LRIS members with fifteen years of experience in their practice areas. They pay no membership fee to be listed in any of the areas of their experience.

Participation as a panel attorney can help in your quest for a strong client base. The LRIS can provide introductions to many worthwhile and pre-screened clients that cross all demographic segments within the West Michigan and the Greater Grand Rapids area.

The Need 

LRIS also offers the opportunity for you to provide an important public service to those who may not need to retain your services, but whose needs are satisfied by the thirty minutes or so you spend helping to sort through their issue.  More often than not, it is time well spent. There is true gratification in helping those who need it most. Among the ways they find to thank you are their efforts in spreading your good name in a manner that will surely pay dividends in the years to come.

To become a panel member, complete a Panel Member Application or call Dawn Carowitz at 616-454-5550 x 101 or e-mail her at  She will be happy to send you additional information and applications and to answer any questions you might have.