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Attorney Grievance Commission
Marquette Building
243 W. Congress, Ste. 256
Detroit, MI  48226-3259
(313) 961-6585

Although the Grand Rapids Bar Association is not involved in the Attorney Grievance process, we are, however, willing to assist by providing some helpful information.  We can indicate who may file a complaint, where to access the initial form, and where to find additional information.

Anyone may file a complaint against a licensed attorney in the State of Michigan.  To begin the process, complete the Request for Investigation of an Attorney form.  To access this form, call the Attorney Grievance Commission at the number listed above or download the form by clicking here.

For more information about further steps in the process, click here. The Attorney Discipline Board maintains a Frequently-Asked-Questions page with answers to such questions as "How do I file a complaint?", "Can I appeal a hearing panel's decision?", and "Can I file a complaint against a judge?".