history of grants


Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Kent County, $2,040

Legal Assistance Center, $15,000


Legal Assistance Center, $15,000
East Grand Rapids High School We the People Team, $600


Legal Assistance Center, $15,000
YMCA, $5,000



Legal Assistance Center, $7,500

East Grand Rapids We the People Team, $400

Legal Aid of Western Michigan, $2,500



Legal Assistance Center, $10,000

Newspapers in Education, $3,500

East Grand Rapids High School We the People Team, $400



Newspapers in Education, $3,500

Legal Assistance Center, $15,000

Calkins Law Office Restoration, $1,000



Newspapers in Education, $3,500

Legal Assistance Center, $15,000

We the People, $400



Cooley Law School, $2,000
Computers for the law library

Newspapers in Education, $5,000

Legal Assistance Center, $15,000

Gryphon Place, $1,000
Grant intended to support a state-wide eight-hour advanced mediator training entitled:  “Negotiating Difference:  Increasing Mediator Awareness and Cultural Competency Involving Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression.  Presenters include legal, mediation, psychological, service agency professional agencies.



Center for Civic Education, Michigan High School Mock Trial Competition, $750
This competition helps high school students acquire a working knowledge of the judicial system, develop communication skills and analytical abilities, and obtain a deeper understanding of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Legal Assistance Center, $16,800
This center provides information and material for those representing themselves in the legal system.

Newspapers in Education, $5,000
This organization provides newspapers and educational supplements to more than 25,000 students in over 500 West Michigan social studies classrooms. Newspapers include special content to be used by students learning about their freedoms, constitutional rights, and the election process.



Grand Rapids Public Schools Mock Trial Program, $500

Legal Assistance Center, $15,000

Newspapers in Education, $5,000



Center for Civic Education, We the People Program, $2,500
This organization hosts this competition for local high school students to test their knowledge of the constitution.

Justice for Our Neighbors, $1,000
This organization purchased immigration law reference books.

Legal Assistance Center, $30,000

Newspapers in Education, $4,000



Legal Assistance Center, $30,000

Newspapers in Education, $5,000



Center for Civic Education, We the People Program, $1,250
Travel expenses for the State Championship Team advancing to the national competition in Washington, D.C. East Grand Rapids High School finished in the Top Ten of the nation.

Legal Assistance Center, $30,000

Michigan Migrant Legal Assistance Project, Inc., $2,500
This organization provides immigration assistance to low income farm workers and their families.




Legal Assistance Center, $30,000



Center for Civic Education, We the People Program, $5,000

Legal Assistance Center, $30,000


Pathway to Permanence, $1,400
This organization produced a Handbook for Parents in Child Protective Proceedings



Legal Assistance Center, $15,000



Law Day Youth Conference, $2,000



Grand Rapids Bar Library (Computer System), $7,500

Law Day Youth Conference, $1,310

Public Museum of Grand Rapids, Holocaust Museum Exhibit, $1,000



Hillman Advocacy Program, $1,400 ($400 returned)
This program trains lawyers in the art of courtroom advocacy.

Law Day Youth Conference, $2,500 ($1,668 returned)

Legal Aid of West Michigan, $750
This organization sent its new director to a conference.



Grand Rapids Library, $2,000
This organization purchased a CD-ROM changer for the library.

HIllman Advocacy Program Scholarships, $1,200

John Ball Zoo Society (John Ball 200th Birthday Commemoration), $250
This organization funded materials sent to teachers of middle school students. The materials taught local history, citizenship, and writing and research skills. A portion of the materials were devoted to John Ball's role as a lawyer.

Law Day Youth Conference, $2,500



Civil Case Management Conference, $1,000
This conference developed the framework for reorganizing the way civil cases are processed in the Kent County Circuit Court. Participants included all circuit judges, lawyers, GRBA representatives, court staff, and other representatives of the legal community.

Grand Rapids Area Black Social Workers, grant expired before funds matched
This organization proposed an elementary school program to teach students to resolve conflicts in positive and appropriate ways.

Grand Rapids Bar History Project, $40,000 +
Contributions from area firms were made to the Foundation specifically for the development and completion of a history of the Bar in Grand Rapids.

HIllman Advocacy Program Scholarships, $1,050

Mental Illness Judicial Seminar, $600
This seminar educated Kent County Circuit court judges about mental illness and the availability of creative treatment plans after the mentally ill person becomes invovled in the criminal justice system.



Domestic Violence Coordinating Committee, $200
This organization provided a training program for area police agencies on domestic violence issues.

Pathways to Permanence Committee, $500
This organization developed a handbook for social workers and others who use the probate/juvenile court system.



Courthouse Marker, $1,200
GRBA placed a marker at the site of the first courthouse in Kent County.



Foundation Plaque, $2,600
GRBA placed a plaque listing all members of the Foundation and those for whom memorial contributions were made in the Bar library.

Bill of Rights Bicentennial Speaker Series, $1,500
GRBA hosted a series of programs for the public featuring law professors from Michigan law schools and local experts in debates about particular issues within the Bill of Rights.