Lawyer Referral and Information Service

The Grand Rapids Bar Association's Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS), a public service component of the GRBA, has provided a valuable service to the Grand Rapids community since 1949. The GRBA realized even then that a certain segment of the population -- those whose problems might be handled in as little as a 30 minutes of a lawyer's time, but who were unable to pay full attorney fees for that 30 minutes -- was not able to gain access to the legal system. In an attempt to bridge this gap, the GRBA established the Lawyer Referral Service.

How does it work? 

The Lawyer Referral Service can help those in need of legal services find an attorney. The referred attorney is one who works in the particular area of law required by the client. The Lawyer Referral Service arranges the half-hour appointment between client and attorney. For this service, the LRIS charges a $25.00 administrative fee.

When clients meet with their referral attorney, the first 30 minutes of their consultation is free-of-charge. Some clients use this half-hour to ask questions of the attorney, and then have no further questions. Some clients use this 30 minutes to inquire more fully into the background of the attorney, or to explain the ramifications of their case. After 30 minutes, the attorney's fees begin to accrue. These fees are not reduced and cannot be waived.

You can reach the Lawyer Referral and Information Service by phone at 616-454-5550 ext 107. For more information and frequently asked questions please click here.

Clients who require a longer consultation and anticipate difficulties paying an attorney's fees should contact Legal Aid of Western Michigan.

A directory of Lawyer Referral Services outside of the Grand Rapids area is available from the American Bar Association at:



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